Domestic abuse solicitors

Accused of domestic abuse?

Allegations of domestic violence are taken seriously by the courts. Convictions often result in a custodial sentence. The courts may also impose ancillary orders, ultimately restricting access to partners and children. 


There is no one offence of 'domestic violence' or 'domestic abuse' - the terms can be applied to any violent offence within the home. 

More recently, the government created a new offence of "controlling and coercive behaviour". This includes psychological and financial abuse. 

If you have been accused of committing a domestic assault it is important to obtain immediate legal advice. Our team of specialists will discuss your circumstances in detail and outline all of your options.

What happens if you are accused? 

If accused, the police will want to question you about the incident/s. They often turn up at a home address or place of work, and will arrest you in front of children or work colleagues. The purpose of the arrest is to conduct a police interview and, if appropriate, charge you with one of the following offences;

  • Controlling & coercive behaviour
  • Assault in a domestic setting
  • 'Honour-based' violence and forced marriage 
  • Stalking or Harassment