Reputation Management Solicitors Widnes

Protecting your Reputation 

Most sexual offences are likely to attract some media attention. Of course, a serious allegation, particularly if it involves a celebrity or high profile person, can cause a media frenzy from the start. 

At PCD Solicitors we are able to advise high profile people in absolute confidence and with the aim of keeping your case away from the media. We can advise you on all aspects of ‘reputation management’. This is a term which, although obvious in its meaning, actually encompasses several complex matters including legal issues (privacy, defamation, injunctions), traditional media (newspapers, TV, radio), social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and public relations.

A reputation can be difficult to mend 

Your reputation can suffer irreparable damage as soon as your name is linked to a sexual offence. As solicitors representing you, we may receive a request for information from media agencies and / or journalists. You may also be contacted direct. Rest assured that we will take all steps to limit any damage.

Managing your reputation involves maintaining your good name. It also includes repairing any damage caused by the media, particularly social media. It may be necessary to consider an injunction to stop the media reporting details of you and / or the allegations. If material has already been published by the media, it may be necessary to apply for a court order to remove the offending material. Damages for defamation may be be appropriate. Court proceedings are open to the public and, therefore, the media is able to report all details of the trial – unless the court orders certain details not to be disclosed. The barrister that we instruct to represent you will handle all aspects of media reporting during your trial.

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